Spotlighter Past Presidents

Kathy Alexander 2006 - 2010    /    Katie Gundersen-Watson, 2011 - 2014

Members at Large:
Rose Marie Markus, Duane Markus, Annett Lauppe, Beverly Fedor

Purpose and Policy:

The Purpose of this organization shall be that of supporting and promoting by its efforts, the productions and special projects of the San Gabriel Valley Music Theatre (SGVMT).

Meeting Dates / Time / Place:
The Spotlighters' meeting is usually held on the first Saturday morning of each month - 9:30am (Social Time) 10am (Meeting) which is usually held in the Padilla Room at the front of the Mission Playhouse (unless otherwise mentioned).

Board President - Bill Payne
Vice President - Sylvia Ostronik
Secretary - TBA
Treasurer - Les Fedor

History of Activities

Fundraising:  Formal Tea, Line Dance Workshops, Italian Dinners, Shakey’s and Canoe House Dinners, and Ice Cream Socials

Showtime Activities: Maintaining and supplying the Greenroom prior to and during the shows and serving as hosts/serving refreshments for 500 Club Members during Intermission

Mini-concert responsibilities:  Serving as hosts at check in, setting up and taking down of tables and chairs, and supplying and selling wine, soft drinks and snacks

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Annual Dues - $20

Current 2018 Members:  

Annett Lauppe   Beverly Fedor   Les Fedor   Laurie Fedor   Marilyn Holdsworth   Rikki Lugo 
Richard Ostronik   Sylvia Ostronik   June Greenfield   Katie Gundersen   Norma Lobo  

Linda Markmiller *  Duane Markus     Rose-Marie Markus    Ellen Menditto   Frances Moore   
   Bill Payne   Mary Payne   Ray Rochelle    John Watson   Sally Baldwin   Mary Cammarano *
Jerry Durgerian*   EJ Lugo   Julie Welch  

The Spotlighters

WINNERS of the Broadway Bound III "The Millennium Musicals" Concert

February 18, 2017 Raffle Drawing

Gerry Fagoaga (Langham Package)

Duane and Rose Marie Markus (Huntington Library x4 Tickets)

Diane Rivera (Ice Cream Basket)

2014-15 Spotlighters' Fundraisers

* - (Additional donations)

Founding Members:  Joe W. Alexander - Kathy Alexander - Mary Cammarano - Beverly Fedor -

Les Fedor - Annett Lauppe - Earl Lauppe  - Rikki Lugo - Bonnie Wilson - Michael Wilson

Charter Members:  Joe M. Alexander - Sharon Alexander - Sally Baldwin - Selma Bauer - Carol Bell  - Dan Bell - Laurie Fedor - June Greenfield - Marijane Hunter - Roy Meyer